How to dispose of our coffee pods

Recycle or landfill?


The quickest way to dispose of our pods is to simply put them into your garbage bin. In landfill they will break down much quicker than conventional plastic and aluminium pods. 

What happens to our biodegradable pods in landfill?

Our pods are oxo-biodegradable, meaning that once in landfill they will break down in around 2 years. To do so, all they need is access to one of these elements: oxygen, moisture, heat, sunlight and/or microorganisms. These degradation promoters help to accelerate the process, but they are not necessary for degradation to take place. It takes around two years of exposure to one or more degradation promoters to break down the pods entirely. Therefore, two years is an estimation based on the average conditions. The actual amount of time required to degrade will be longer or shorter depending on the amount of exposure.


If you are willing and able to put in a bit more time and effort, then we can do a little bit better for mother nature by recycling our pods and making use of the coffee grinds. While many other pod brands require you to venture out to a recycling drop off location, ours can be placed into your council recycling bin. 

  • Firstly the foil lid needs to be removed. The lids are too small to recycle on their own, however, they can be collected and combined into a large recyclable container like an aluminium soft drink can and then recycled.

  • The coffee grinds should be removed – they are great in your garden, veggie patch or home compost; they can also go into your green waste bin.

  • Lastly the pod should be rinsed off and placed in your recycling bin.

What about the compostable pouch and box?

All our pods are packed in a pouch which is compostable for both home and industrial use. This means that you can place it in your home compost bin or compost pile if you have one. If not, it can be placed into your green waste bin (if your local council uses industrial composting facilities) or check online for your local community compost heap. As a last resort, the pouch can go in your to landfill bin where it will break down at an accelerated rate. The cardboard box can also be placed into your recycling bin.

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